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Emotions ran high after the Baltimore Ravens earned a trip to the Super Bowl with a 28-13 win over the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game. 

While the Ravens celebrated their victory with tears, chanting, laughter and even some post game trash talk, there were those on the losing side also experiencing a host of emotions, theirs, of the less joyful variety.

A screen shot of a status update posted on the Facebook page of Anna Welker, wife of Patriots receiver Wes Welker, went viral after the game Sunday as the post took aim at the personal life of Ravens team captain Ray Lewis.

Anna Welker tells exclusively,

"I’m deeply sorry for my recent post on Facebook, including comments about Ray Lewis. I let the competitiveness of the game and the comments people were making about a team I dearly love get the best of me. My actions were emotional and irrational and I sincerely apologize to Ray Lewis and anyone affected by my comment after yesterday’s game.  It is such an accomplishment for any NFL team to even make it to the playoffs, and the momentary frustration I felt should not overshadow the achievement of these amazing teams."

Video Touchdown: When David Bowie Met Tim Tebow

With the horror of musician John Parr’s reworked version of the 1980’s movie theme song, “St. Elmo’s Fire” into a Tim Tebow-inspired anthem aptly titled, “Tim Tebow’s Fire,” I was delighted when I saw the video above by Jimmy Fallon.

The comedian-turned-late night talk show host is fantastic at impersonations as he proved during his career on Saturday Night Live, so what better way to make fun of the terrible “St. Elmo’s Fire” reboot with a throwback Tebow jam of his own.

Well, technically speaking, it’s Jimmy Fallon doing David Bowie doing Ziggy Stardust.  Fallon created perhaps the greatest character of all time as “Tebowie” is the love child of Bowie’s iconic 70’s persona Stardust and the angel on earth that is Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. 

Fallon put new lyrics to the Bowie classic “Space Oddity” and performed it with the hair, make-up and platform go-go boots of Stardust while wearing Tebow’s uniform.  His Bowie impersonation is spot on as the lyrics take the audience through a hilarious conversation between Jesus and Tebow.

Why I am writing this blog in a formal news style?  That makes no sense.  Sorry!

Okay, I digress.  My favorite line from Fallon as Ziggy as Jesus goes like this:

"I hear that you play New England next week.  Dude, you’re on your own."

How great is that?  A few minutes after the Broncos beat the Steelers in their wildcard game, I tweeted something to the effect of should he Broncos beat the Patriots in New England, I will have to reassess my life.

I was half joking, but also half serious.  The Broncos are not supposed to beat the Patriots.  They just aren’t.  Vegas has the Pats favored by 13.5 points over the Broncos, presumably because New England has one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game in Tom Brady along with the top wide receiver over the last few seasons (Wes Welker) and two of the five most productive tight ends in the league (Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez). 

Then again, the Patriots have been bounced from the playoffs in their first-round playoff games in the last two seasons in which both games were played at home in Gillette Stadium.  The Broncos weren’t supposed to win with Tebow, a quarterback who opponents like Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher referred to as a running back. 

Tim Tebow, one of the most successful college quarterbacks in history wasn’t supposed to succeed at the next level because he didn’t have the arm, or the throwing motion, or the ability of the prototypical NFL player.  But the impossible has already happened with the success of Tebow and the Broncos (plenty of credit goes to their defense, I know) and I must admit, it’s freaking me out a bit, but in a fun and exciting way.

Just as Ziggy Stardust had inexplicably glamorous and super-human qualities, Tebow seems to be following that same path, but using eye black instead of eye liner.  Saturday will be a battle of the golden boys and tonight before bed, I’ll pray to my lucky stars that game is indeed divine.