If you read my last post, you know the Cleveland Browns had some problems en route to Indianapolis to face the Colts… the team plane got stuck in the mud.  After more than three hours of troubleshooting, the guys are finally in the air.  Here are some final tweets before take off.

@jordaNorwood: New plane! Guess they’re bout to take care Of us on here http://t.co/HOuCnZbl

@BossWard43: This is crazy…but its been jokes waiting on this plane. @JoshCribbs16 @joehaden23 @GoHam59 @PhilTaylor98 are comedy on this Booray.

@JoshCribbs16: We are now on a super small plane 3 to a ro, cranky, & irritated… Somebody gotta pay!!! Indy we coming 4u!

@jordaNorwood: Slow-clap going for take off. Holler at you all from Indy.

Gotta love the “Slow-clap” LOLOL.  Yes, I actually laughed out loud when I read that one.  Hopefully the guys have a safe and relaxing flight after that ordeal.  By the way, many of the guys tweeted about the Mayweather/Ortiz fight as they waited around, and it seems like they all have their money on Money May.  Fingers crossed that this little detour won’t jack up their schedule to the point where the guys won’t be able to watch the fight.