The NFL hasn’t exactly provided a wealth of positive stories over the past several days.  From the alleged bullying saga in Miami, to health scares for both the Broncos and Dolphins head coaches, professional football has left us little to smile about as of late.  

Leave it to original Houston Texans offensive lineman Chester Pitts to neutralize some of the negativity, as he and other current and former Texans players will drive senior citizens to the voting booth on Tuesday, Nov. 5.  Literally.  

Pitts, who retired from the NFL in 2011 and now works for local television station KPRC in Houston, is joining forces with the Harvest Community Center  for the second consecutive year in helping the elderly members of his community to vote.  

Last year’s event went so well that Pitts decided to do it again, and not just in light of the Houston mayoral race, the fact that the elderly are often an infringed voting group, or because it’s a mitzvah.  But also, because old people are awesome.  

"Seniors, you can learn so much from them and just being around them for the length of time we were, was an amazing experience," Pitts told 

"Their gracious attitude told me this was something I had to keep doing."

Joining Pitts behind the wheel of several large passenger vans that will shuttle seniors from various community centers to the polls will be current Texans offensive linemen Duane Brown and Brandon Brooks, as well as former Texans defensive lineman Travis Johnson and former Houston Oilers receiver, Haywood Jeffries.  Johnson also participated on election day last year.  

Tuesday will be the Texans first day off since a demoralizing Sunday Night Football performance in which the team gave up a 21-3 first half lead over the Indianapolis Colts, ultimately losing at home, 27-24 and dropping their season record to 2-6.  Texans head coach Gary Kubiak collapsed on the field during halftime with a still unknown medical condition.  It’s pretty cool that despite a trying season thus far, some of the Texans are willing to give up what little free time they have to help out strangers within the community. 

"There is no responsibility for professional athletes to do this," Pitts told   

"But as a professional athlete you are a role model and I believe you should always do what is right.  Helping others, especially our seniors is always important and as long as I am able, I want to do just that." 

Pitts says that as a media member, he has approached different players about helping out with the event in the locker room following Texans games.  He hopes player involvement will increase each year.  

(photos courtesy of Chester Pitts)


(Top photo, Pitts and Brown. Bottom photo, Brooks and Pitts)

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